14th February 2024

Iconic Valentines TikTok Campaigns

By Jess Wreford

Chief Creative Officer

Love is in the air at Antler HQ. We have been working with our clients to create some incredibly wholesome, slightly cheeky and all-round iconic TikTok campaigns.

We know what makes a campaign memorable, and some of our favourites are those where we get complete creative freedom.

We’re sharing some of the amazing work we’ve done for our clients for Valentine’s Day TikTok campaigns and why they worked so well.

Valentine's Day cards Photoshoot in IKEA for thortful

@thortful Thanks IKEA, you were a blast x #valentinesday #valentines #valentinescard #thortful #bts ♬ original sound - thortful

We ran around IKEA to shoot Valentine's Day cards in their related locations, which resulted in hilarious and engaging content for our client, thortful.

We captured over 30 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, which is imperative to ensure all of the funny, “off the cuff” comments were captured.

This was edited down to just 55 seconds of highlights for Instagram.

This campaign was a perfect example of how you can create promotional content but execute it in a fun and authentic way that doesn’t leave your audience feeling like they’re being sold to.

Celebrate A Hole In One With Pitch Golf

@pitchgolf Their reaction is a core memory 🥺 #pitch #pitchgolf #pitchlondon #golftok #holeinone #celebratingsmallwins #smallwins #golfsimulator #golflondon ♬ The Best Day Ever - SpongeBob

It’s important to celebrate every achievement. This super wholesome campaign based around getting your first hole in one, and having your friends celebrate with you has us all in our feels.

This campaign perfectly targeted multiple audiences, both with and without golf experience and positioned the activity as something enjoyable to do with friends.

We used specific SEO targeting in order to reach as many users as possible for Pitch Golf.

COADMBW With Fitafy

@fitafyapp is it obvious? 🤔 #fitafy #fitafyapp #datingapp #fitnessdating #singlelife #galwithsign #signonthestreets #guesstheanswer #publicreactions ♬ original sound - Classic Tunes 02

Saltburn left us feeling…conflicted. We wanted to jump on the hype. We created a Saltburn campaign Fitafy, a fitness dating app.

The campaign was culturally relevant, and reactive, gave the campaign authenticity due to its “passer-by” shot POV and it encouraged audience engagement as users competed to guess what the heck COADMBW could even mean.

Strangers and Flowers with thortful

There’s nothing more stereotypically romantic then flowers. But as we highlighted in our campaign with thortful, there’s something so charming and heartwarming about watching a stranger with flowers, creating their backstory in your mind, thinking who or where are they delivering those flowers to.

We combined trending wholesome sounds, with candid shots of “strangers”, and relatable copy, for a non-salesy approach to selling flowers.

Memorable campaigns on TikTok have nothing to do with the product or the brand posting, it is about jumping on moments, being reactive and thinking outside the box. That’s what creates a memorable campaign.

If you’re looking to get your brand noticed on TikTok and in front of your ideal audience, then contact us.