• 14th June 2024

    Reels vs TikTok: Creating Native Content To Appeal To Both

    One of the biggest misconceptions of social media is that content can just be created and posted on all platforms. This is certainly not the case.

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  • 3rd June 2024

    How To Build A Community On TikTok

    TikTok allows you to reach millions with its unique and complex algorithm. It’s easier than ever to grow a community, and for content creators and brands alike, building a community on TikTok is key to achieving lasting success on the platform.

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  • 10th May 2024

    TikTok Makes Steps In Creating Transparency With AI Content

    A brand new update to TikTok means that we will now start to see AI-generated content automatically labelled, as well as new readable sources to help its users better understand how AI is being used, or misused across its platform and online.

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  • 29th April 2024

    Learn How To Go LIVE on TikTok

    Going LIVE on TikTok is essential for community building. The platform thrives on creativity, authenticity and real-time interaction, and TikTok LIVE is the best way to foster connections with your community by engaging with current and potential followers in real time.

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  • 25th April 2024

    TikTok USA Ban

    It’s safe to say that TikTok has ingrained itself into the fabric of internet culture since it came on to the scene in 2014 as However, its journey in the United States has been marred by uncertainty and regulatory scrutiny, which has now resulted in a potential ban in the USA - as signed off officially by President Joe Biden on the 24th April 2024.

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  • 23rd April 2024

    TikTok Launches Their App ‘Notes’: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

    The TikTok versus Instagram rivalry continues. That’s right, the rumours are true: TikTok now has their own version of a photo sharing app called Notes which has launched initially in Australia and Canada.

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  • 21st March 2024

    Let’s go back to TikTok basics

    Getting started on TikTok can be daunting but we’re here to help guide you through the process. Go back to basics and read more on how you can successfully kick start your TikTok journey.

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  • 26th February 2024

    TikTok SEO: How To Apply Effective SEO Strategies

    Are you ready to elevate your TikTok strategy in 2024? The key might just lie in the world of SEO. Hashtags are out and SEO is in. Explore the synergy of TikTok and SEO and discover how it can transform your digital presence.

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  • 19th February 2024

    A Guide To TikTok Analytics

    There was a time where TikTok (then had zero analytics other than video views and engagements. Now, there’s a wealth of statistics that have reached the platform to help users accurately analyze their content and channel. There’s a few statistics in particular that are a godsend to be able to push forward your overarching strategy and make sure your channel is evolving based on the data, not opinion.

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  • 14th February 2024

    Iconic Valentines TikTok Campaigns

    Love is in the air at Antler HQ. We have been working with our clients to create some incredibly wholesome, slightly cheeky and all-round iconic TikTok campaigns.

    We know what makes a campaign memorable, and some of our favourites are those where we get complete creative freedom.

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  • 6th February 2024

    Navigating the UMG Pullout: Insights for TikTok Creators and Brands

    Universal Music Group (UMG), the powerhouse behind chart-topping artists like Taylor Swift and Drake, has made headlines with its decision to pull its music catalogue from TikTok following an open letter about the expiration of their agreement. But what does this mean for the TikTok community?

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  • 12th January 2024

    What’s Next For TikTok in 2024?

    We’re bringing you into the realm of TikTok in 2024. At Antler Social, we’ve been deeply immersed in TikTok since the days of, growing and adapting with every transformative wave.

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