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Hi, it’s Vic. Here’s our story.

In 2017, I downloaded Musical.ly and began learning how to build an audience on a new platform. I’d never created content before but fell in love with everything to do with the app.

A year later Musical.ly becomes TikTok, I hit 1 million followers (it was MAD) and I worked at TikTok running their channels. I moved on to work at a social publisher where I grew their TikTok presence to over 2 million followers.

2 years later, Antler is born and the journey has been wild.

About Us

Where are we now?

Now, we're a team of TikTok fanatics working with brands spanning the entire industry spectrum; from food to fitness to vacations to vodka.

We've created hundreds of videos, generated more than 100 million views for our client's accounts and collaborated with hundreds of influencers to help achieve a range of marketing goals.

We are reactive, authentic and knowledgable in all areas of TikTok simply because we love it.

Meet The Directors

Say hey to our amazing team

  • Vicky Banham

    CEO & Director

  • Jess Wreford

    CCO & Director

  • Harri Brown

    COO & Director

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