26th February 2024

TikTok SEO: How To Apply Effective SEO Strategies

By Harri Brown

Chief Operations Officer

Are you ready to elevate your TikTok strategy in 2024? The key might just lie in the world of SEO. Hashtags are out and SEO is in. Explore the synergy of TikTok and SEO and discover how it can transform your digital presence.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process used to optimise your website to make it visible to search engines like Google. If your website is optimised correctly, it can appear at the top of the results page for a user's search query, depending on the keywords used.

But how does this apply to the dynamic world of TikTok?

How Does SEO Work on TikTok?

While traditional SEO focuses on keywords used within web content, TikTok's algorithm looks at the keywords you are using in your videos, both physically and audibly. This, as well as creating content that generates engagement is crucial for gaining visibility on TikTok.

Why is TikTok for SEO Important?

TikTok’s unique algorithm means that your content can be seen by anyone in the world. Anybody can be seen on the For You page, regardless of follower size. Although we can never be one hundred percent certain that implementing effective SEO strategies will make your content more visible, we know that TikTok is making active changes to its platform which suggests this is how it chooses to show content to people.

Some of the most significant changes we’ve seen are>

  • Business and creator accounts can now see within their analytics their ‘average position’ on the search page for each piece of content they post. This works similarly to Google, however, we are unable to see if this is for a specific ‘keyword’ as of yet.
  • TikTok has added ‘search highlights’ for some searches on TikTok. The search highlights are there to make it easier for a user to discover desired content based on their query.

How Do I Use SEO TikTok Strategies?

Now that we understand the significance, let's dive into practical strategies.

Keyword Research

Identify popular keywords in your niche. Integrating them organically into your content can help make your content more easily discoverable. You can integrate them into the text you overlay on your videos; your closed captions; your audio, and your video description for maximum impact.

Optimise Your Profile

Craft a compelling bio and name with relevant keywords. Your profile is the first impression users get, so make it relevant and to the point.

Analytics Insights

Keep an eye on TikTok analytics. As mentioned, average positions are included so you can see what content works best for search results.