Generate mass brand awareness for Flannels on TikTok for Christmas.

Our Solution

Mass organic awareness with influencers.

We worked with 30 of the top fashion influencers in the UK to produce engaging videos to our bespoke hashtag sound, highlighting a range of Flannels clothing. When the hashtag challenge went live in December, the influencer content kickstarted a trend that encouraged all users on the platform to get involved, resulting in over 282,000 user-generated videos with the campaign hashtag.

  • 4,000,000,000

    Hashtag views

  • 32,000,000

    Video views

  • 40,000

    Followers gained

Some of the creators we worked with...

  • Daniel Simmons

  • Fashion Influx

  • Flossie Clegg

  • Olivia Neill

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