Hospitality Rising

Help solve the recruitment crisis across UK hospitality & change the perception of the industry amongst the Gen-Z population.


Repositioning the hospitality industry amongst students and post graduates, driving clicks to the careers page.

Hospitality Rising represents a joint initiative aimed at crafting creative marketing strategies to spark enthusiasm for the hospitality sector among students and recent graduates. The objective was to entice fresh talent into the industry; and to highlight the diverse array of hospitality employers who are curating captivating experiences, often overlooked by many young job-seekers.

To effectively captivate this younger and particularly discerning target audience, our campaign focused on reshaping the perception of the hospitality sector. We aimed to spark engaging and constructive online discussions about it, intending to encourage job applications through the Hospitality Rising website.

  • 18,000,000+


  • 70,000


  • 75,000

    Job applications (and counting)

  • 8%

    Increase in sentiment

Our Approach

Targeting the 18 to 24-year-old demographic in the UK, with a particular focus on current students and recent graduates, Hospitality Rising's inaugural campaign on the TikTok platform centred around collaboration with a diverse range of creators. These creators hailed from various backgrounds and boasted differing audience sizes, with experiences in the hospitality industry.

By leveraging the TikTok Creator Marketplace to assemble an optimal lineup of creators, Hospitality Rising successfully engaged talent capable of delivering authentic messaging that resonated with their respective audiences through genuine storytelling and recommendations.

A key factor in the campaign's success was the decision to grant creators creative freedom to produce content authentic to their own platforms and impactful with their audiences. Rather than imposing specific content guidelines or restrictions on tone and messaging, creators were encouraged to generate #risefastworkyoung content reflecting their established personalities and styles.

Some opted for high-production comedic sketches showcasing the industry's enjoyable aspects, while others opted for simpler approaches such as "get ready with me" videos or straightforward conversations directly addressing key messages and personal experiences.

Some of the creators we worked with...

  • Crystal Wright

  • Ed Jones

  • Joa Brown

  • Chloe Nixon

Paid Strategy

Utilising Spark Ads on TikTok provided us with a strategic avenue to amplify reach and channel high-quality clicks to the recruitment website. With TikTok's expansive user base, tapping into paid advertising allowed for targeted outreach to the platform's diverse audience, particularly engaging other students and recent graduates with Hospitality Rising content.

Our approach included daily optimisation, assessing results and adjusting the audience targeting to ensure high quality, cost effective clicks through to the Hospitality Rising careers page.

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