Content Production

This is where the fun starts to come to life. The Antler team conducts shoots every 2-3 weeks to allow for flexibility and reactivity in our content.


We never create content calendars

We never create content calendars that are months in advance - who knows what will change in that time on TikTok?! Our shoots happen wherever they need to, whether that’s at your venue, in a studio or in public. Each shoot lasts between 2-4 hours where we’ll aim to get around 2-3 weeks worth of content.

Once we have all the raw footage, we edit each video in house before sending it your way for your approval or feedback. We edit the content in a variety of ways, including using Adobe Premiere Pro, in-app TikTok editing tools or CapCut. We make sure we use in-app features such as on screen text, polls and stickers where necessary to make sure we’re as immersed within the platform as possible. Any feedback you send our way is actioned immediately before we send the assets back to you for final approval with suggested captions.

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