Content Strategy

Once the overarching content strategy has been confirmed, we’ll get to work on planning out the individual assets for the channel. Formatting is a thorough and extensive process - we create the storylines of each video, find examples where we can to give you a reference and link the relevant sound needed.


Step by step plan

During the planning stage, we create shot lists so you can see a step by step plan of what each video will entail. Not only does it allow you to have oversight of the content being produced ahead of time, but it ensures we are efficient on shoots so we don’t take up excessive time for you and your team.

The amount of involvement you want to have in this stage of the campaign is entirely up to you! We have some clients who like to send ideas, be involved in brainstorms and tweak shot lists where others are happy to let us do our thing - wherever you want to sit on this spectrum is perfectly fine with us!

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