Influencer Management & Execution

Influencers are the perfect way to spread your message even further - tapping into their ready-made community and beyond to gain credibility and trust as well as building a connection with an audience who look to their favourite influencers for recommendations and inspiration.


Looking at your competitors

We’re not talent managers. We don’t have a bunch of influencers on our books that we directly benefit from if you work with them. We prefer sourcing creators who are perfectly suited to your brand, your values and the overall mission of the campaign.

We keep the influencer briefs broad to ensure they have the creative freedom to best connect with their community whilst giving them a specific mission that the creative has to cover. At the end of the day, these guys are the experts when it comes to their own content, so why would we try to control it?

Working with influencers can come in a variety of different ways, whether that’s to post about you on their own channel, to feature in content for your own channel or to create assets that we can use for ads. We’ll come up with the best strategy off the back of your brief and long term goals.

The entire creator arm of the campaign is managed by us from start to finish. We’ll send you a variety of creators who fit the bill and you can sign off who you want to work with. From there, we’ll reach out to them with the brief, manage the communications and negotiations throughout the campaign (including their payment) and work with them to ensure their content is spot on for what you’re looking for.

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