Keeping you up to date throughout the campaign is our number one priority. Each week we send you a report which covers the most recent activity. We compare analytics with the week prior to understand how the channel has grown (or how it hasn’t!) so we can make informed decisions for how we want to go forward in the short term.


A monthly overview

You will also receive a monthly overview. These monthly’s are a more in depth report which look into specific learnings for long term evolution. We assess the community to see how they’re responding, break down the performance of our content to see what we can change and, most importantly, how your channel is growing versus our guarantees for the campaign.

Finally, at the end of the campaign we’ll present a post campaign analysis which covers all the activity from the campaign, how we performed against our guarantees (we’re super proud of the fact we have over delivered by an average of 68% across all our clients!!) and, off the back of our learnings, what we suggest we do going forward to be able to continue with a more optimised campaign for continued success.

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