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We help you build a community around your brand on TikTok.

We takeover your account and help embed your brand firmly into the TikTok community. You'll have a dedicated team of 3 experts working on your account everyday, handling all aspects of running a successful TikTok account. From engaging with your audience via a bespoke TikTok TOV and community management tactics, to identifying the most relevant trends and building a focused content strategy that resonates with your target audience.


We created a range of platform-native formats, including protein recipes, reactive TIkTok trends and gym inspiration, whilst also collaborating with micro creators to produce informative fitness content and relatable skits.

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We embedded the Sides brand and channel further into the TikTok community by utilising platform-proven content formats, a strong emphasis on community management and reacting in real-time to trending sounds and hashtags.

We wanted to keep food at the focus of everything we created, producing rewatchable content that encouraged engagement and audience participation, including running TikTok-specific activations (a Sides Easter egg hunt around London!) to help incorporate the brand into the real world.

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