Social Media Account & Community Management

Running your account is more than just creating the content. We’ll run your channel in a way that appeases the algorithm to make sure your content is given as good of a chance as possible.


It starts with posting your content

We don’t use scheduling tools - you lose out on too many important details of a TikTok post with those. We post manually to ensure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted, from specific SEO to on screen captions. We experiment with days and times of posting to understand how your audience best responds to when content is posted and keep track to find any patterns.

Once the content is live, there’s still plenty more to be done. If you go onto TikTok, post a video and then disappear until your next post, you’re not going to grow. Since the days, TikTok has always been a give and take - if we give you space on the For You Page, what do we get in return? And that’s your time. We spend time every day nurturing your channel by spending time actively engaging with the most recent content your algorithm serves you, whether that’s liking, commenting, sharing or simply just watching the videos through. The aim of the game is to comment on the most recent viral videos in an effort to generate engagements and profile visits outside of the content posted alone.

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